Moon shaped linen pillow Available in 9 colors

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What makes this pillow a favorite for more than 20 years? The ever-fascinating moon?The sweet Little Prince verse? My French schoolgirl handwriting? The poem with Mr. Sandman and the dancing moon? or the Italian version? It makes a great baby room decor idea, and also fits nicely in the living room for a more sophisticated look.

Filled with hypoallergenic poly-fiber.

The Little Prince's poem comes in Italian or French. It translates:
“The moon, the stars and the sky, The Little Prince on his planet”

The Sandman poem is in French only and translates: "Mr.Sandman has gone, and the Moon, Queen of the Ball, goes dancing with the stars"

Each pillow comes with the English translation on a hangtag.


Size 16 x 14 inches