It all started when my friend Lisa asked me to make pillows for her son's Bar Mitzvah party. Here in Westchester, people go a little nuts with the party planning. Her son loved the color purple and the Vickings. She sent me the logo, yes, each kid has their own logo! And then I played with it. Here is the result:

 From logo to pillow for a Bar Mitzvah party decor



Then I did the same thing for my son. I decided to design the logo and I made the pillows and t.shirts!!  Lots of silkscreening later...


Bar Mitzvah pillow white and blue DJ theme


Bar Mitzvah pillow rectangle white and blue


 I posted it on Etsy...and I was in business! I added heat transfer as a printed method and sourced satin and faux suede.


 Custom Partty pillows Spring 19


custom pillows