Simple travel photo album. In 15 linen colors

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A souvenir or travel photo album with your own words, made in beautiful European linen.

A great unique gift (filled with pictures of your loved ones) or mini brag book/portfolio.

Choose from 15 pretty colors or send me a message for more options.

The interior of this linen photo album is made of plastic sleeves into which you easily slide the photos and keep them safely protected.

Holds 36 4x6 pictures.
Size: 5' x 6.25'

♥ These are so pretty and so unusual. Tres chic. Very nice and able seller. (inabigrush)
♥ High quality products with attention to detail. Loved all the items I purchased. (thehiphostess)

Custom simple photo album. Personalized Christmas brag book. Unique holiday gift for him or her. Linen Fabric album. Design your own cover