3 silk lavender sachets available in 5 color sets

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Each sachet is filled with natural French lavender. Long noted for its medicinal and therapeutic properties, lavender has scented linens, clothing, and bathwater for centuries.

French words are printed in my handwriting. You will get 3 out of these: Love, Joy, Happiness, or Celebration. The set comes with a translation card.

Packaged in an acrylic box with Estelle Billot blue logo.

Box size: 4in x 4in x 3in

" I bought these sachets from Browns store in London about 20 years ago and still use them. They have to be the best lavender bags in the world. The scent is still strong in all my old ones - what is the secret? Thanks" Jenifer Y.

The secret is 100% natural French lavender, no fillers, no oil. Lavender is the only botanical that smells more dried than fresh.